I’m very excited to be a Lose Baby Weight April’s motivating mummy and share my weight loss progress on the healthy mummy healthy eating plans.
My name is Alana and I’m 29 years old with 3 young children and I think this is definitely the best way to lose weight after losing 15kg on the weight loss plans
Before my kids I was very fit and healthy, after falling pregnant with my first babies (Twins) I put on alot of pregnancy weight, I have no idea how much pregnancy weight gain I gained as I didn’t step on the scale before but my weight ballooned up to 90kg during my pregnancy.
After the twins arrived I had very little time to eat healthy let alone exercise and honestly I was so in love with my 2 little girls I never thought about me. Some of that weight did come off through breastfeeding but not lots like I was told to expect. I did start to eat a little better and got my weight down to 76kg just by cutting out takeaway food, soda and not eating so much chocolate.
I then fell pregnant again when my twins were just 1yr old, so up my weight went again but only by 10kg during this pregnancy. After I had my third little girl and got back down to 76kg almost straight away I knew I had to do something to get back to my pre baby body and I needed a little helping hand.
So I found the Lose Baby weight healthy eating and weight loss plans and saw all these mums losing weight and not by having a powder only drink for a meal, these healthy eating smoothies included fruit in them and since I loved fruit smoothies I thought yes I can do this, plus I could have them while I was breastfeeding and they were a safe breastfeeding weight loss plan. So I ordered my first smoothies and waited to start, it arrived so fast I was shocked and thought well it’s all or nothing.
So I started by having smoothies for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner plus doing what exercise I could with 3 children under 2.5yrs old. Within the first week I noticed the weight start to drop off and it kept dropping of week after week. I made it to my first goal of 70kg, then my next goal of 65kg and finally hit 60kg.
My weight stayed at that for some time even after I stopped having the smoothies as long as I still ate healthy, but I still liked to have one for lunch or breakfast a few days a week. I still managed to lose some more weight and got down to 57kg, I couldn’t remember the last time I weighed this or the last time I was this fit and this has been the best way to lose weight I have ever found
Then I had to stop all my exercise as I twisted my ankle really badly and I ended up starting to let my healthy eating slip which has been for the last 2months. So now my weight has crept back up to 61.5kg, so I am determined to lose this extra weight I put on and get my fitness back as I know I have lost most of that as well. So this month is my month to jump back in and get fit and healthy again. I have 3 little girls who I want to grow up and see their mum who is happy with who she is, how she feels and looks and to get them into good eating habits now at a young age.
Alana Willliams
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