Hi Mums, My name is Adel and I have lost 22.5kg* with Lose Baby Weight.
I have always struggled with weight and tried many programs some successful some not so much.   I discovered Lose Baby Weight on Facebook back in September 2014 and after following for two months took the plunge and joined the November 2014 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

To date I have managed to shed 22.5kg*, my starting weight was 85.4kg and I am currently 62.9kg aiming for 60kg all thanks to Lose Baby Weight.
My biggest food hurdle has been conquering those sugary sweets and soft drinks until I found the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, the banana oat buster is my favourite.
With over 1000+ yummy recipes available in the hub and challenges I have been able to achieve a much healthier lifestyle.
My family have benefited greatly from the meals, we all enjoy eating the Mexican lasagne, pizzas, butter chicken, yummy salads and fritters, and there is just so much to choose from.
The thought of exercise prior to Lose Baby Weight would make me cringe but now the daily challenge exercises have become part of my everyday routine, taking just ½ hour per day, then I’m done and ready to face world head on.
I also enjoy running, walking, tae bo, zumba and dance classes with fellow mummies as part of my weekly fitness.  Even the kids and hubby are excited to go on walks, bike rides to the park and getting active.
healthy eating meal plans
I have had many people comment on my weight loss and they are often sceptical when I say it has been relatively easy.
The keys to my success have been meal preparation, setting personal realistic goals and most importantly keeping in touch with the Lose Baby Weight Private Facebook Page.
It is often hard to keep our busy lives in perspective, we feel alone and often defeated however all the fellow mummies and motivators from Lose Baby Weight have helped me overcome some of my weight loss and fitness hurdles and I realise that I am not alone.
Sharing recipes, inspiring, motivating and most of all supporting one another, without this group I truly believe I would not have had the success I‘ve had so far.
As one challenge comes to an end I always get excited for the next one Lose Baby Weight is by far the best weight loss program…. hold up, wait a minute this is just not a weight loss program this is a lifestyle change.
I am the healthiest mummy and wifey I have been in a very long time, I have found the confidence I lost and have started to love myself again.
If you have taken the time to read a little about my journey so far and I have inspired you just a little, I would love you join me with the August 28 day challenge.
Adel xx

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Angela has lost 12kg* (26 pounds*) on 2 Challenges
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