No matter where in the world you’re celebrating the festive season, there’s a good chance you might just be running out of ideas for keeping the kids entertained in these last, heady days before Christmas day.
Whether it’s steaming hot where you are or you’re rugging up in layers of winter woolies, the under 5 crowd will be hanging around under foot, either escaping the heat or avoiding the cold.
And they’ll have one thing on their mind; Santa’s arrival. Even littlies will no doubt pick up on the excited vibes flying around the place, even if they’ve got no idea who the guy in red is (or why mum and dad seem to want them to sit on his knee).
Focusing kids energies on anything that isn’t Christmas or Santa related is going to be tricky, so if you can’t beat em’, why not join em’ and enlist their help to decorate the house, knock up last minute gifts for grandparents and other relatives or put together personalised Chrissie cards that say more than Hallmark ever could.
Organising some simple art and craft activities is a great way to keep little hands and minds occupied. Depending on your kids ages, you can either set them up with the necessary supplies then leave them to their own devices, while you tackle one of the 3000 other jobs that needs doing in the final days before the celebrations really commence, or for the toddler crowd, join them (or partner them up with your partner) and get creative together, building a lovely Christmas tradition than can be repeated each year.
The best part? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. We’ve got a bunch of super simple ideas suitable for kids of all ages that won’t cause any parental stress to prepare.
Merry Christmas!

Top Chrissie Craft Projects
  • Handmade cards – It doesn’t get much simpler than knocking up a couple of DIY chrissie cards. Think outside the square and add a few different materials to the craft table to keep things interesting. Felt, ribbon, cellophane, beads, buttons and paddle pop sticks in bright colours all make excellent additions to your homemade cards. Just be cautious of small objects if you’ve got curious toddlers around.
  • DIY wreath – If you haven’t already got a wreath on your front door, now’s as good a time as any to get one up. There’s a whole range of different options but for a simple design, suitable for toddlers and older kids alike, try cutting out cardboard circles (with a hole in the middle) and letting kids use their creativity to decorate them. Toddlers could use handprints or finger painting, crayons or whatever takes their fancy, while older kids might like to cover their wreath with red and green paddle pop sticks, buttons or beads.
  • Baubles – Baubles for the tree are a fun and easy way to showcase kids creativity (and they’ll love seeing their ornaments hanging from this years tree). Medium and large sized foam balls can be purchased from an art and craft shop and kids can decorate them as they wish. Littles could paint or draw a design while older kids might like to try layers of different coloured paper or even decoupage with old magazine pages. Just tie a pretty ribbon through the top when they’re top and they’ll be ready to go.
  • Peg people – Traditional wooden clothes pegs make great santa’s, angel’s or elves. All you need is bits and pieces to ‘dress’ your peg in (feathers and coloured paper both work well), a black sharpie for drawing on eyes, nose and mouth, strong glue and some pretty ribbon or twine if you plan on hanging your peg people.
  • Festive placemats – Hosting Christmas at your place this year? Personalise each guests place with a homemade placemat. You’ll need some A3 cardboard and your usual craft supplies, the rest can be left up the kids. If you really want to go all out, you can stick your placemat onto a piece of clear contact so that it’s water/food proof and can be used again (and again).

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