A brisk walk can provide all your exercise needs to lose weightSometimes it’s easy to get lost in the details. Sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees, and sometimes we forget that the reason for losing weight is just to get fit and healthy.
Pilates, powertone, yoga, bodypump, gym memberships, health spas and group classes. The list of things we are told we need in order to lose pregnancy weight is endless.
As busy mums our life is complex enough. We need to get rid of the guilt that we aren’t working hard enough if we aren’t trying the latest fitness fads.
Some people love nothing more than doing the ‘latest thing’. But if you find all the options just a bit overwhelming, you should simplify your fitness program and focus on getting quick and easy results to lose weight quickly and safely.
If you remember only one thing about how to get fit and healthy it should be this: eat right and stay active. It doesn’t matter if it seems too simple. Simple works. And the simplest form of exercise that’s often overlooked in a post pregnancy weight loss program is a brisk walk.
Yes, we told you it was simple.
It’s easy. It’s effective. You don’t need a personal trainer and it is a great alternative to being stuck indoors in a gym.  Some people even claim walking is the best way to lose weight as it doesn’t overstress your body and all you need is a pair of runners.
With proper form and intensity, a brisk walk is a proven way to burn calories, tone your body and lose stomach fat.  Studies have shown that overweight people who regularly walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day just three times a week have lost significant weight without even changing what they ate (although as you know Lose Baby Weight always recommends a healthy eating plan too).
So read our hot tips of how to get the most out of your walk, then put on your runners, go outside for a brisk walk, and watch your body shed its excess weight.

4 Hot Tips How to Improve Your Brisk Walk Techniques
  1. Good brisk walking technique – A good walking technique is crucial to losing weight.   The secret is to visualise a target 5 metres ahead, and walk at a fairly quick pace towards that target.  Keep your chest raised and your shoulders relaxed.   Breathe deeply and pretend that you are always walking on a straight line.  Don’t exert too much effort in elongating your steps.  Swing your hands in time with your steps as you walk to support your momentum.
  2. Find a comfortable pace – Your most natural and comfortable pace is best, as your brisk walking goal is to achieve longevity, aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  Your speed and distance will come as you get familiar with the routine.  Try walking for a few metres until you find the most suitable pace before you hit the road.
  3. Set walking goals and schedules – Create a plan and stick to it. Set a schedule of 30 minutes a day to begin with, then grow from that.  As soon as you get a comfortable pace and technique, you can start measuring your walking distance using pedometers.  You can purchase a pedometer at most sporting goods stores, or check your running distance through free online pedometers before or after your routine.
  4. Be familiar with your route – Health experts have advised us that we need to walk 10,000 steps a day to keep healthy (and some even say we should aim for 12,000 if we’re under 40). That’s around 8 kilometres a day, so it’s understandable if you don’t hit this goal right away. We recommend that you find a spot 4 kilometres away from your starting point so you can walk 4 kilometres to it and then 4 kilometres back and would have completed your 10,000 steps before you even know it.

Health experts say that the key to success in exercise is to have fun while doing it.  Walking enthusiasts love the fresh air and getting fit while enjoying the scenery. Some brisk walking enthusiasts use this time to reflect on life and find the ‘feel good’ hormones released by the exercise makes it easier to deal with the day’s stresses.
So take bub out in a stroller, or if you are lucky enough to get some time to yourself, take some time out and go for a walk solo. Just 30 minutes at least 3 times a week and you will be surprised with the results you can achieve, both physically and mentally.
Incorporate a brisk walk into your 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. Remember this plan is your transformation to a new and healthier you. Commit to these plans and schedules now and before you know it, you will be losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.