mums_and_weight_lossThe Australia-wide Lose Baby Weight survey (conducted over November and December 2010) with mums trying to lose baby weight has found that only 11% of mums succeed. The Lose Baby Weight survey – which is the first of its kind – found that:

  • Over 89% of mums who had tried to lose their baby weight had not been successful.
  • Over 72% of mums put on more than15 kg during their pregnancy and of those more than 35% had over 25 kg to lose.
  • Over 78% of mums surveyed said the hardest part of losing the baby weight was tiredness and the lack of motivation.
  • Over 63% had tried more than 3 times to lose their baby weight.
  • Over 57% had breastfed their baby for over 3 months.

(Survey conducted in December 2010 with 252 respondents)

This survey and these results demonstrate that losing baby weight is a lot harder than losing weight before having children. and that it is frustrating for a lot of people how celebrity mums like Elle McPherson and Angelina Jolie seem to snap back into shape, but most mums can’t do that as they have a variety of different pressures on them  – such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, lack of family support, no nanny, physical injury from the birth and a brand new set of priorities – all of which make it a lot harder to lose the pregnancy weight and belly fat.

Lose Baby Weight has created specific weight loss plans that address all of the above findings to ensure that mums have as much support, ammunition and motivation as possible to lose their weight through safe, healthy and effective methods.