Summer is upon us, and that means fresh fruit is in season (and if you’re lucky, on sale).
Today we look at some ideas for jazzing up your traditional fruit choices.
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Spiced Watermelon & Pistachios

healthy_eatingCalories: 140
You might think that this is an odd combination of ingredients, but this snack really works well. A mix of savoury and sweet, soft and crunchy, it takes watermelon to new heights!

Frozen Watermelon Trees

Calories: 109
For some festive fun, the kids will adore making (and eating) these sweet treats. And with just 3 ingredients, they couldn’t be simpler.

Caramelised Pineapple

healthy_eatingCalories: 133
An interesting take on your traditional pineapple snack. Definitely worth a try when pineapple is on sale in Summer.

Tomato & Pineapple Melt

healthy_eatingCalories: 297
Pineapple on toast – yes that’s right! For that sweet and savoury kick we love so much, this is a fun breakfast idea to keep things interesting.

Banana and Oat Bliss Balls

healthy_eatingCalories: 120
A nut free bliss ball, meaning it’s also perfect for your child’s lunchbox too. Try keeping these in the freezer to tuck into when you need a sweet treat. Just 5 ingredients – easy.

Caramelised Banana & Walnut French Toast

healthy_eatingCalories: 300
We love a café style breakfast made at home. Not only does it taste great, you know it will be packed with healthy ingredients. A must try.

Apple & Spiced Ricotta Rice Cakes

healthy_eatingCalories: 145
You may not have thought to combine apple and ricotta but it’s a great option for a quick and healthy snack that tastes indulgent.

Toffee Apple Crunch

healthy_eatingCalories: 252
This is a fun dessert option that the kids will love too. Just a handful of ingredients and you’re all set.