7 Reasons To Make Your Health A Priority
We all know motherhood is rewarding but it is also very demanding and it’s easy to lose yourself taking care of your special new little person.
Your health needs to be a priority to keep enjoying all the rewards of being a new mum. Sometimes a gentle reminder is all that’s needed to keep your physical and emotional health on track. How about one reminder for each day of the week?

  1. Time – Baby bathed, fed, dressed, and ready for a walk… but what about mum? New bubs leave us little time to take care of ourselves, time we need to find in order to be even better mums. When is your time? Try and set aside some time during the day just for you – even if it half an hour reading a book when your baby is asleep
  2. Self Esteem – Feeling good and looking good are just as important to us new mums as anybody else; don’t underestimate the positive feelings and personal power you regain when you lose stomach fat, feel great and are able to wear your favourite clothes again.
  3. Personal goals – Achieving any goal is great for our self-worth. And long term weight loss is the ultimate weightloss goal, the best way to lose weight is to slowly but surely lose it so you keep it off.
  4. Know yourself – weight loss plans need a commitment from you. Are you being realistic about your commitment to weight loss plans, test your resolve with our 7 Day Winter Warmer Plan to know that you will commit long term. We know you can!
  5. Ongoing health – The best way to lose weight is the healthiest way to lose weight. Be sure to make any weight loss program about your health first and foremost to lose that tummy fat.
  6. Healthy everyday – Work nutrition and exercise into your routine; fitness and health shouldn’t be an extra but part of everyday life.
  7. Happiness – Knowing that we’re on the right path to health provides a peace of mind that leaves mother and baby happy and healthy together for life.