MotivationWe hope you are all enjoying the 28 Day Challenge – it is created for bust mums and is designed to have you feeling fantastic – without resorting to drastic measures.
When we are trying to lose weight, the focus can often all be on the scales and physical results. And whereas this is of course important, sometimes it can be too much of a focus and if the scales isn’t moving it can become frustrating.
So firstly, is the scales isn’t moving, don’t panic – there are lots of things that could be happening which include:
1) are you gaining lean muscle which can lead to loss of fat but the scales can stay the same or increase – see more on this here 
2) Are you eating too many calories or not enough? Work out your BMR here and check to see you are eating the right amount
3) Do you have a food allergy – which can often manifest with bloating or weight gain. Go and get an allergy test
4) Do you have a thyroid issue? Go and get your blood checked with your Dr to see if you have thyroid or other issues happening
Lastly, eating well and exercise isn’t just about what happens on the outside – a major part is what happens inside to our body so please don’t give up – you just need to find out the reason for the weight gain. The other benefits of living well are being healthier, having better digestion, better immune system, more energy and being fitter – looking good is an extra bonus of what happens when we take care of ourselves. Please have a good read here on all the things that may be happening too

7 Facts You Need To Know 

So as well as weight loss, there are lots of benefits of living a healthy lifestyle which have huge impacts on your health and longevity – and 7 of these benefits are:

  1. Your heart and lungs have been working hard delivering more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues resulting in a boost of energy to go about your daily life and most likely an improved mood.
  2. Using your body weight to perform resistance exercise has put your muscles under greater strain and they will now be starting to tone and strengthen.
  3. Depending on how your children sleep, your own personal sleep will have improved and you will be falling asleep faster and in to a deeper sleep.
  4. The additional oxygen being pumped to your brain has stimulated brain activity and made you feel more alert.
  5. Your muscles will now be requiring a lot more fuel to work efficiently given the greater workload put on them which means they will be burning excess FAT!
  6. As long as you’ve been stretching after every workout you should feel a lot more flexible allowing you to move in different directions more easily and without pain.
  7. You have reduced your risk of chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Just think how much more you will achieve by continuing on with your healthy lifestyle
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