One of the best things about being pregnant is to see the look on people’s faces when you let them know you are expecting.
But short of just saying ‘We’re having a baby!’ some people go to great lengths to really take their announcement to another level.

Why not consider some of these fun ideas…

1. Custom Made Puzzle

A cute idea if you want to send something in the post. You can customise the colour too, depending on whether you want to reveal the gender.


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2. Eviction Notice

Let your older child be part of the announcement as you give them their marching orders from the cot.

3. Coming Soon

Grab your partner and line up with a cute pair of baby shoes. Snap away for your personalised announcement.

4. Only Child

Your older child can model their custom made t-shirt for your photo shoot, and then send the shot as a postcard or email to family and friends.

5. From The Dog

For many people, their pet is their first ‘child’ so it makes sense for them to share the news.

6. Superhero Sidekick

Get your little hero in on the action, sharing their excitement about the new arrival.

7. Saving A Seat

We love the idea of the big brother or sister saving a seat for their new sibling. Adorable!

How have you announced that you’re expecting?  Share your ideas with us, we’d love to see them.

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