If your child is getting a bit weary of the same-old lunch each day, why not look for inspiration from our Challenge Hub?
Many of the healthy lunch ideas for you are also perfect for little ones. So make two serves and have one for your lunch too. Just search the recipe name within the recipe hub.

Turkey & Tomato Panini

313 cals
The combination of mayonnaise, turkey, Parmesan, lemon and basil make this healthy sandwich taste like something you bought in a fancy cafe. And don’t worry, toasting it in advance doesn’t make it lose any of its flavour.

Corn Fritters With Tomato Salsa

256 cals
healthy_foodMake these the night before and store in the lunchbox so they are ready to go. Add the salsa in a little tub for dipping. You can even make a double batch and freeze some to use another day.

Roast Beef, Avocado & Lettuce Wrap

294 cals
healthy_eatingIt’s nice to offer something other than a sandwich for a change. A wrap is so versatile and you can stuff it with any salad you have to hand. Adding some protein such as the roast beef will help keep tummies fuller for longer.

Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls

386 cals
healthy_foodYou can make these the night before, and store in plastic tub with a damp paper towel on top. Feel free to leave the chilli out for smaller family members.

Coleslaw & Grilled Chicken Pita Pocket

327 cals
healthy_eatingThe filling for this tasty lunch can be made the night before, and then just throw it all together in the morning. It also tastes great with some brown rice instead of the pita.

Teriyaki Chicken & Avocado Quinoa Sushi

329 cals
healthy_foodIf your little ones love sushi, it’s actually quite simple to make your own at home. Using quinoa instead of white rice adds some extra protein which will keep them full until they get home.
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