When the weather is warm, the last thing you want to do is heat up the house by putting the oven on.
So we have pulled together six of our favourite meals that you can prepare without switching on the stove at all.
Using the best fresh Summer produce means you can pack in loads of flavour and nutrition. Enjoying plenty of raw foods is a great way to enjoy new textures and crunch that you don’t always get from cooked foods.
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Sweet Chilli Tuna Rice Paper Rolls

healthy_eatingCalories: 386
Enjoy the crunch of grated carrot and bean sprouts in these healthy rice paper rolls. Tweak this recipe to suit your own tastes – you could use leftover shredded chicken instead of prawns if you prefer.
Recipe here

Turkey & Coleslaw Wrap

healthy_eatingCalories: 272
Pack the fibre in with fresh carrots and cabbage. The lean turkey from the deli counter adds the protein to help you feel fuller for longer.
Recipe here

Tuna Salad & Hummus Pita Bread

healthy_eatingCalories: 395
Pita bread is a great option to use a scoop for your favourite salad instead of regular chips.
Recipe here

Cranberry & Chickpea Salad Roll

healthy_eatingCalories: 295
Save even more time by preparing the salad earlier in the day and then just make the rolls when you are ready to eat. 
Recipe here

Lentil, Beetroot & Feta Salad

healthy_eatingCalories: 277
Tinned pulses such as lentils are great to have on hand for a cold meal that is packed with protein. You could also try chickpeas.
Recipe here

Roast Beef, Avocado & Lettuce Wrap

healthy_eatingCalories: 294
A great meal to enjoy on the go or at a picnic, this wrap is both portable and delicious.
Recipe here

Healthy Mummy Smoothie

smoothieHow could you go past the ultimate no-cook meal – our Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a perfect option for a hot day.
Just throw in your favourite fruits, milk of choice, and the smoothie mix and blend until smooth.