When you hear the word ‘exercise’, do you start to feel uneasy or tense? To fit in weight loss exercise into your day can be difficult for many of us

lose baby weight with easy at home exercises

(especially while looking after a baby), but if you try and incorporate it into your daily routine at home, it can not only make it seem less like a chore, but it can be fun too. Using everyday household items as exercise equipment may surprise you, but it is a great alternative.
It also saves you money on gym membership bills and means you don’t have to leave the house!
Check out some of the below weight loss exercise tips that will help you to lose stomach fat without even noticing:

Weight loss exercise tip # 1 – Shopping Bags

Fill up your shopping bags with items that reach a desired weight – think cans of spaghetti, soup etc. Try and not use plastic shopping bags as
they have a tendency to break. Use the environment-friendly shopping bags instead. Once you have filled up 2 bags with the same weight, undertake the following exercises which are great for toning arms and legs:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • High steps
  • Upright row
  • Shoulder press
Weight loss exercise tip # 2 – Milk bottles

Fill up a 2L milk bottle with water and you have a 2kg dumbbell weight. Try and fill up 2l milk bottles that have handles as this will make it easier to hold onto. Milk bottles are perfect to use for the following arm-toning exercises:

  • Bicep Curls
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Lateral side raises
Weight loss exercise tip # 3 – Sturdy Furniture

Furniture is another great alternative to gym equipment and perfect for weight loss exercise. Choose items that are strong and sturdy to support your weight, such as couches, heavy chairs and the edge of a bathtub. Don’t forget about the walls, floors and stairs as well. Use a chair or the edge of a tub to perform triceps dips to strengthen your upper arms. To do this, place a chair behind you and do squats by lowering yourself to the point just before your bottom touches the chair, and stand back up. Step up and down on a sturdy step stool or the bottom of your basement stairs to strengthen the legs and raise the heart rate.

Weight loss exercise tip # 4 – In the Garage

Ok, so we know the garage is usually the men’s domain. But, the garage is full of equipment that are great alternatives to exercise equipment. Use tools such as wrenches as hand weights for strength exercises. Ropes are also a great way to get your heart rate up. Take a rope and lay it flat on the floor. Hop side to side and forward and back, over the rope or stake for a cardio workout. You can also use the rope as a skipping rope. These are the perfect exercises to lose stomach fat – and keep it off!

Weight loss exercise tip # 5 – Get outside!

Don’t underestimate the calories you can burn doing outdoor chores and activities – mowing the lawn, gardening and washing the car will all help you to lose weight – and get your heart-rate up. Even playing with your baby outside will have you burning calories without even realising it.
See, weight loss exercise can be easy… and fun. You can even do the exercises in front of the TV to keep you entertained. The main positive is that working out at home, means you can also keep an eye on your baby.
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