lose baby weightMarissa Nieves is the fitness expert for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and here she gives some tips on how to get motivated to exercise daily:

Spin Your Thinking

How often do we associate exercise with a need to change? When we exercise from a place of self-judgment or criticism, we approach our workouts with a sense of fear and frustration.
Next time you workout, choose to bring more positivity in. Choose to see your body as a vehicle to move and play. Listen to your favorite music, wear new fitness clothes, workout with a friend or simply dance in between each circuit!
Working out is meant to be invigorating and empowering. By creating an intention that stems from a positive desire to have fun and feel good, you can easily bring more enjoyment and motivation to your workouts.

Get Specific

When we are really clear about what we want, exercising can be an exciting game. Most of us set goals for ourselves in daily life but not always in our workouts.
Instead of writing down a broad desire for your exercise regime, write down the reason you want to reach your target. Write down why you actually desire what you do. For instance, instead of writing down I want to lose 10kg, name all the reasons why you want to live in that new body. How will it make you feel? Get really specific on what it is you want and why so you can measure the results of your goal.

Be Flexible

While it’s important to have some structure in your exercise regime to obtain results, it is not vital that you exercise at the same exact time, in the same place, for the same period of time every single day.
It is human nature to be motivated by change and variety. If you are a busy mum and need to fit your workout into your day, try breaking the circuits up through the day or doing your workout at a time that you wouldn’t normally choose. The more variety you can employ, the more your brain will view the activity as interesting and fun.

Move in Nature

Once per week, take an hour or two and get out into nature, breathe, catch the breeze and feel sun on your back. Just being in the aliveness of the outdoors can be enough to reset the nervous system, and help you to feel more motivated and inspired. A swim at the beach or a walk on a bush trail can reset the body and mind in minutes. Smell the flowers, engage with nature, move your body and take the time out that you deserve.

Reach Out for Support

We all have a desire to be part of something larger than ourselves. Reaching out to others and sharing your journey is a great way to be part of the bigger picture, gain support for long-term success and make new friends!
The Facebook support group for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is the perfect place for sharing your healthy experiences, meeting inspirational people and working through your roadblocks to healthy success.
Marissa Nieves
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