For many mums out there, the twilight hours of child wrangling seem to fall solely to them.
There are many reasons for this. It could be that their partner works long hours each day or gets up early so the mum feels their partner needs their rest.
6 ways to ask your partner for help with the night shiftsMaybe this mum works weekends so she does the night shift if the kids wake up through the week. Perhaps it’s just always been the done thing and it seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.
Every family is different, and some families see no issue with mum getting up each night. Each to their own, you’ve got to do what works for you.
But if it’s not working for you, if you want to make a change, if you are the one doing the hard yards from bedtime til morning, we’ve got some tips for you.
The first thing to do is to sit down with your partner and lay down all that is going on. Let them know that you are tired and crabby from being up through the night solo, and could really use a hand.

1. Ask for help

Seem too obvious? For many mums, asking for a hand doesn’t even come up on their radar.
But remember, your partner isn’t a mind reader, so if you are waiting for them to step up without you saying anything, you might be waiting a while.
Just ask them, you might be surprised about what they say.

2. Take it in turns

If you are the proud parents of an up-again down-again child who wakes you several times a night, why not ask for your partner to step in on the second call out?
This will allow you to at least get a little shut-eye, even if you are keeping an ear out to check on how they are going.

3. Try one or two nights off per week

If you really need a break, you could ask your partner to commit to one night per week where they deal with all of the night time antics.
Perhaps it could be a night when they aren’t working the next day (or Friday AND Saturday nights). This will allow you to catch up on some much needed zzzzzz’s and can help recharge your batteries.

4. Make a nightly plan  6 ways of asking your partner to help with the night shift

3am is not the time to have the discussion about who will be getting up to tend to the little ones. Decide in advance what your plan of attack will be (before you go to bed), and this will reduce middle of the night friction that can often ensue when sleep deprived mamas lose their temper.
So you could base your plan for who will be on night shift tonight by looking at what is happening the next day, who has to get up early for a meeting, who is a bit under the weather, or who just needs a break.

5. See if they’ll get up, not stay up

Another idea is that your partner could hop up with you when baby cries, and offer assistance such as a nappy change, warming up of milk, or getting water for a breastfeeding mum.
Then they could hand bub back to you while they go back to bed. Just that little bit of help makes the night waking much more bearable, and isn’t a long time to ask your partner to be awake.
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