Here at Lose Baby Weight we want you to succeed in achieving your goals throughout the 28 Day Challenge and beyond – and we are with you 110% to keep you on track.
Today we have our top 5 tips to help keep you on track with your healthy eating
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Top 5 Tips to Keep On Track

  • Take full advantage of the new customisable menu and get your family to help choose the menu for the next week.  Having your family on board is often the make or break point for alot of mums so having them help, getting them involved and interested to try out some of the new foods or even old favourites will help to not only keep you on track but it will make meal times easier too
  • Make any meals/snacks that can be frozen in advance on a free day that you may have or even spaced out over a couple of days to give yourself the best chance to stay on track
  • Pre-chop any vegetables and store in the fridge in airtight containers to cut down meal prep time and to keep meals even more quick and super easy
  • If you are heading to work, the shops, playgroup- don’t use this as an excuse to grab something while you are there, have some quick and easy snacks pre-prepared and ready to grab like raw almonds in a zip lock bag or frozen bliss balls
  • If you are craving a certain food or treat try to find a healthier alternative or work it into your meal plan.  Denying yourself will only work for so long and can often result in binge eating, so if you work it into your meal plan you don’t need to feel guilty at all- just go for an extra long walk to help burn it off

We hope that these few tips can help you to keep on track with your healthy eating throughout  and that you are enjoying all that the challenge has to offer
Good luck!

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