lose_baby_weightHave you ever noticed how most of our problems seem to feel much more manageable after a good chat to a friend?
By getting someone else’s perspective, we often find solutions that we hadn’t been able to see before.
The same goes with weight loss. Sometimes we can be so focused on the day to day that we lose sight of the bigger picture.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on hand that you could ask for advice, support, or a friendly kick in the pants when you need it?
That’s where a weight loss buddy can come in. By choosing someone to be your support person throughout your journey, you might just find the extra motivation you need to reach your goals.
As part of the Summer Challenge, many of you mentioned that motivation was a key issue for you. So why not grab yourself a buddy and see if you can motivate each other towards success.

What could you do with a weight loss buddy?
  • Swap recipes and meal plans.
  • Mind each other’s kids while you cook healthy meals and snacks
  • Get each other off the couch on a Sunday afternoon for a bike ride
  • Schedule weekly walks or jogs
  • Keep each other motivated
  • Meet for yoga or Pilates class
  • Do workout DVD’s together
  • Be a source of support via phone, text or email when things get tough
  • Share your highs and lows such as your weekly weigh in results

So what makes a good weight loss buddy? We’ve got 5 tips here that will help you find the right person for the job.

Tip 1: think outside your circle

You don’t have to choose your best friend to be your weight loss buddy. On the contrary, it can really be anyone that you feel that you have a connection with.
Perhaps a neighbour or a work colleague; or even someone from mother’s group or the local play group.
Mention to them that you would like to find someone to help keep you motivated and see if they are interested.

Tip 2: find someone you can be yourself with

There’s no point feeling as though you have to hide your true self to impress your buddy.
They are there to support you as you feel the highs and lows of weight loss, not to make you wish you had chosen a better pair of shorts for your walk.
So be sure to choose someone that you can be ‘real’ round. After all, the weight loss journey can have its challenges, and you want to be able to share how you are feeling.

Tip 3: choose someone with a similar mindset and goals

This might be obvious, but it’s worth noting that your buddy should have similar goals and ideas to you. They should also want to commit to the same level as you to the buddy system.
It would be difficult to share recipes and workouts if you were not after the same things.
So do a little investigating and find out if your buddy is keen to do the same amount of workouts as you per week and whether it’s OK to text them at 9pm when you are in the middle of a sugar craving.

Tip 4: make sure they will be honest with you (and expect the same in return)

Sometimes we need a (mental) slap to keep us on track. A buddy can work wonders in this respect, so long as they are honest with you.
So if you ask your buddy whether he/she thinks there is anything you could be improving on, it would be great if they were honest enough to tell you the truth.
And likewise, you should feel confident enough to let your buddy know if they are self-sabotaging or not giving their workout 100%.

Tip 5: ensure that you enjoy their company

After all, you might be spending a lot of time together! Choosing a buddy that you can have a chat and a giggle with can make the workouts and effort a bit more fun. So buddy up and enjoy the benefits!
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