We’ve all had those mornings where we really wish that children under the age of five came with a snooze button.
Just a couple more minutes of sleep seems like the greatest possible prize you could win.  5 quick fixes to fake a well rested glow
While ensuring that we stick to our healthy eating plan and squeeze in some exercise will help boost flagging energy levels (the last thing you need is a sugar crash on top of baby induced sleep deprivation), a tired body and mind can benefit from a few tweaks.
Just because you feel like you’d rather fight a full grown, hungry grizzly, than hop out of bed, doesn’t mean you need to look like you’d take on a wild animal for a little more sleep.
Waking up the body and mind comes in many different forms. Nutrition will help put some pep back in your step (and a Healthy Mummy smoothie is a great place to start), as will getting out into the fresh air or hitting the gym to get your blood pumping.
Giving a blast of life to your skin is also a great way to look and feel a little more awake and together, without having to leave the house or switch on the blender.
Combine these five quick fixes with a nutritious breakfast (check out some delicious Healthy Mummy smoothie recipes here) and you’ll be well on your way to fooling everyone into thinking you’ve logged eight quality hours with your pillow (even if the truth is closer to three than eight.)

5 of the best instant pick me ups

1.  While a mug of something hot and caffeinated is often needed to kick start the morning, you don’t need to be a coffee drinker to reap the benefits of caffeine. An eye cream or gel containing this stimulant is the best way of banishing dark circles and pesky bags. Added bonus? These formulations usually have an instant cooling, tightening effect, heaven for pooped peepers. Haven’t got an eye cream handy? A cold teabag will do exactly the same thing. Black tea (and some herbal teas) contains caffeine and when soaked in water, releases these properties. Make a cuppa, pop the bags in the fridge then straight onto your eyes for up to five minutes.
2. Scrub a dub dub in the shower. If you’ve got the time, jumping in the shower and lathering up with a citrus infused body wash, scrub or gel can really help you to dust off the sleepiness. The scent of citrus has energising properties, triggering a ‘wake up’ response in the body. Burning a citrus based essential oil or candle also has the same effect but is generally not as viable during the morning rush!
3. Detract attention away from tired eyes with bright lips. When you see someone wearing a brightly hued lippie, the last thing you’re doing is looking at her eyes. Slicking on a shade that’s a few colours above natural will not only draw attention downwards, it also has the added bonus of helping you feel as if you’ve managed to do something just for you, even if it only took 30 seconds and came from a Revlon tube.  5 quick fixes to fake a well rested glow - red lips
4. Massage your way to a happier face. Spending a minute or two massaging in your products is an easy way to instantly de-puff skin. Start from your nose and work your way out, gently pressing into your face with your fingers. If you have an eye cream or gel (or even with your other cream or lotion), massage this in as well by dotting it under your eyes then using fingers to tap the product into the skin. This helps improve circulation to the whole face.
5. Lubricating eyedrops can be a tired mum’s best friend. If your eyes are feeling sore and swollen, a couple of drops will usually soothe the area with the added bonus of making the whites of your eyeball brighter and less bloodshot, an instant improvement!

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