lose baby weightMarissa Nieves, Fitness Expert for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges shares some tips about the habits of happily fit people:
We all know consistent exercise is key to a healthy body and happy state of mind but don’t some people just seem to love their workouts and feel really good about exercise while others don’t.
What are these people doing differently?
Here are 5 habits that happily fit people adopt to stay in shape:

1. They find a way to enjoy exercise

More often than not, fit people find a way to actually enjoy (even look forward to) their workouts. They choose to value the workout for more reasons than simply staying in shape or looking good. They have a deep driving desire to feel good and know the benefits that healthy living brings to their body, mind and soul.

2. Health and self care come first

Happily fit people prioritise exercise no matter what. Some days it means waking up 20 minutes earlier than they would like to, leaving the family while on vacation to go for a walk or run or simply rescheduling their daily activities to fit exercise into their routine.
They exercise when they are tired, when rain is falling and when winter sets in. Their body and self care is number 1. The good news is, that once this habit is in place, momentum builds and adhering to the plan becomes easier.
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3. They aren’t perfect 100% of the time

Happily fit people might miss a workout every once in a while but they don’t beat themselves up about it. They take the rest they feel their body needs and they get back into their workout in eagerness the next day. There is no “all or nothing” for them. They view exercise as an important part of their lifestyle and so tomorrow is always another day.

4. Rest is a priority

Recovery days and sleep gives us the energy we need to workout on a regular basis. Sleep is so vital to happily fit people as they know their health and fitness goals rely heavily on it.
Rest helps to regulate metabolism, repair muscles, boost the body’s immune system and it also aids in weight loss. Sleep is the body’s time to repair and recover. Sleep also allows chemicals and hormones to replenish and balance so we feel happier all round.

5. They have fit friends

While not everyone in your life may be on your fit journey, it is still possible to create a “comment” of fit friends that you can share the experience with. As humans we like to do things that make us feel connected and we love to engage in activities that are bigger than ourselves. So even if you have one friend who is willing to tread the fit path with you they can be a huge support and great motivation to continue.
The more “fit friends” you have, the more you will adopt an outlook that being fit is fun, social, engaging and rewarding.
Adopt these 5 habits to increase your motivation to exercise and live your life happy and fit!
Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert
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