If you’re following our healthy eating and exercise plan but you’re stuck at home with young children, there are ways you can do so without costly gym memberships. Often when kids nap you can get a decent workout in, but usually there are so many other urgent things that need done without little ‘helpers’ around. Think of all those times you’ve lifted up your baby, that’s a mini workout right there!
get fit at home
Make incidental exercise is your friend, it can help you burn a stack of calories while getting those annoying household chores done. It’s all about changing your mindset and making the most of the mundane!

5 fun and simple ways you can get in shape at home.

1.Make washing your friend not the enemy

If the washing is piling up and it’s starting to cause you anxiety, look at it as an opportunity for a short intense workout. With every item of clothing you peg on the line do a squat, same goes with when you’re folding it up after you’ve taken if off the line, put your favourite music on and get squatting!
Hint: How to do a proper squat:
Place your feet hip-width apart. Bring your arms forward, hinge at the waist and sit back as if reaching for a chair that someone is pulling away. Be sure that your knees do not move forward but stay behind your toes while you go as deep as possible until the top of your legs are parallel to the floor. Return to the standing position by pushing on your heels and lifting your chest.

2. Use water bottles and tinned food as weights.

When the kids are busy playing in or outside pick up some water bottles or tinned food and use them as dumbbells to get some bicep curls in. Walk around the back or front yard pumping your arms up and down, raise them above your head and work on your shoulders as well.
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4. Get dancing with the kids

Turn up the radio or music channel on TV and shake it all about, to get your kids on board you might have to jiggle to the Wiggles but dancing is a HUGE calorie burner as you’re moving your whole body. Dance around like no one’s watching because no one is, well except your children and they will think it’s great fun.

5. Hit the deck

While baby squirms around the floor or your toddlers play outside on the lawn, grab a towel and join them. Get some crunches or leg lifts done and if you’re really keen you could even throw in the odd plank or push up! Lie on your back and put your legs in the air and pretend you’re on a bike, you’ll not only get that body moving but you’re bound to give your kids a few giggles.
Tip: Use your baby is a weight, lie on the grown and lift them up as high as you can, making a silly noise while you do it isn’t compulsory but baby will love it!
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6. Follow the leader

Years ago one of the premier English football teams were instructed to mimic every single movement a toddler did for half a day, apparently they were utterly exhausted by the end of it. Tell your child you’re playing a game of follow the leader and do exactly what they do for 30 minutes, from bending down to pick things up to running from room to room. You’ll be surprised at how much you actually move about just by copying your child’s every move!
Get moving and have fun…. oh and show us what you’re up to (post your photos into our Facebook community and inspire others mums to get moving too.
Love the Healthy Mummy team xx

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