Marissa Nieves Fitness ExpertMarissa Nieves, Fitness Expert for the April Sugar Detox Challenge shares some ways we can help our bodies when detoxing with sugar via fitness and movement:
We all have times when we overindulge or pause our healthy routine. Often we are left feeling lethargic and overwhelmed at the thought of beginning again.
The good news is a detox program doesn’t need to be dramatic or challenging. The body can detox as you move back into your fitness regime without strict dietary cleansing or fasting.
The main organs of detoxification include the colon, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph glands.This includes the circulatory and lymphatic systems, both of which play a significant role in natural detoxification processes. The lymphatic system especially requires movement to facilitate lymph flow.
Exercise is great for detoxification because it makes your heart pump and body sweat. Toxins are released from the body through exhalation (breathing), urination and sweating so fitness is a great way to encourage toxins to leave your body. Choose exercises that make you breathe, sweat and stretch to boost your detox.
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Try these 5 Fitness Steps to help your body detox when reducing sugar in your eating plans:

  1. Aerobic Exercise encourages an increase of oxygen delivery and aids elimination of toxins through the lungs. As we jump, jog and spring in our step, the bodily tissues are prompted to compress and squeeze out toxins from the cells into lymph fluid.
  2. Rebound exercise is one of the very best lymphatic exercises. As toxins are removed from cells, they are transported from tissues through the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body. Rebound exercise is an brilliant detoxifier and can quickly boost the immune system.
  3. Pilates – is a wonderful form of exercise for detoxifying certain organs such as the liver and kidneys as well as removing toxins through deep breathing. Pilates is highly focused on twisting, contraction and stretching which support the lymphatic system and aid the removal of waste products such as Co2 and lactic acid that reside deep within the muscles’ tissue.
  4. Body Fat Loss – Another way exercise helps to detoxify the body is by reducing the body’s subcutaneous fatty tissue. Toxins are readily stored in the fatty tissue of the body and when body fat is reduced through exercise, the toxins are eliminated and can be cleansed through the body’s organs. So if you are working out for weight loss, you are also supporting the removal of unwanted toxins from your body.
  5. Outdoor Training – While outdoor training may increase sweat and eliminate toxins, detoxing from sugar is not just about bodily toxins. Nervous tension in the body or emotional stress can also build up after consuming too many sweet treats or being set back in your fitness regime. Reduce your chance of feeling stressed by detoxifying your body and mind at the same time. Turn off your gadgets, head outside and enjoy all the benefits of a simple outdoor training session.

In addition to these 5 steps, it is a good idea to drink lots of water during a detox period, so the skin can sweat and the kidneys can effectively filter toxins. By increasing your water intake, as well as increasing your heart and breathing rate, your body can more effectively during exercise to flush out unwanted toxins, fats and waste. Breathing deeply can also allow more oxygen into the body to circulate through your system and remove toxic build up. Enjoy your detoxification process!
Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert
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