When it comes to weight loss, it could be said that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s very easy to get caught up in those initial first laps of the race, as you’re filled with excitement  and plenty of spur-you-on motivation.
As the race continues though, you might start to slow down a little as that initial burst peters out, leaving you with the reality of what still needs to be done.
The good news? Slow and steady really does win the race. While rapid weight loss can be a thrilling event (who doesn’t love to see a significantly smaller number on the scales?), if the weight was lost through unhealthy habits like severe calorie restriction or over exercise, there’s a very, very good chance that the kilograms will come flooding back, and usually bring some friends with them! 
The best way to see long term weight loss is through a positive change in lifestyle that involves healthy new habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Learning what to eat, how much and when plus the best ways to fit in regular exercise that suits your body are the two fundamentals that will form the basis for waving those kilograms goodbye.
When you experience a bit of a plateau or are feeling less than motivated however, there are a few easy activities you can add to your day to help keep your metabolism burning. These activities are simple and straight forward and don’t require fancy equipment. Adding them into your day can help you burn a few more calories as well as giving you the confidence to keep on keeping on.
Keep sipping the H20 – Staying well hydrated allows your body to function at its optimal level. There’s also plenty of evidence that points to thirst being mistaken for hunger a lot of the time. If you’re feeling peckish, especially soon after eating, try a large glass of cold water (add lime or lemon for extra zing). There’s a good chance it will hit the spot and keep you from consuming another 100 calories.
Park smart – If you’ve got little ones, there’s a good chance you use the car/bus/train on a daily basis. Next time you’re headed to the shops/playground etc park a little further away and pull out the stroller. Doing this on a daily basis ups your step count for the day while burning extra calories.
Sit down to eat – While this might not always be possible, sitting down to enjoy your meals often means you end up consuming less but feeling more satisfied. This is because you’re solely focused on eating, as opposed to doing 100 things at once! If your little one sits down for their lunch, join them at the table/on the floor with your smoothie or salad and share a meal together.
Talk and walk – Spend time during the day on the phone? Make your phone time work for you by walking while you talk. When my son was first born, I’d save all my phone calls up, plug in my hands free head phones and hit the pavement for a walk while returning my calls.
Stand on one leg – It sounds silly but balancing on one leg is a great way to tone your core AND burn calories. The best time to do it? while brushing your teeth, combing your hair or even making a cuppa? Easy AND effective.
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