Want to get your kids in the kitchen to help you cook and learn about healthy food? Try one of these five great recipe ideas, which are perfect for little hands to help with.
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Teriyaki Chicken Noodles With Cashews

healthy_food373 cals
Great for older kids that are confident enough to stand up at the stove to stir the veggies. Younger kids can make and stir the marinade.

Green Machine Smoothie

healthy_eating240 cals
Giving healthy smoothies fun names like this can get kids interested in trying them. Feel free to tailor the name to your child’s interest – how about some Dinosaur Juice anyone?

Lamb & Hummus Burger

healthy_eating358 cals
Great to serve for dinner or at a BBQ. Kids don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and they can get involved with mixing the mince, mint and onion together, and then forming the patties. After cooking, the kids can stay hands-on by helping you to lay out the healthy fillings on the table so everyone can help themselves and assemble their own burgers.

Pesto Spinach & Ricotta Rolls

healthy_food230 cals
Recipes with only 5 ingredients work well for kid’s attention spans. They will love mixing the ricotta, pesto and spinach in a bowl, and you can use a plastic knife to cut the pastry sheets. The littlest kids will love brushing the finished rolls with milk before they are baked.

Supreme Pizza

healthy_food464 cals
Make a fun and tasty dinner into a learning experience as the kids learn how to spread the tomato and then add healthy filings. Feel free to switch the toppings to your family’s tastes or what you have to hand.
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