Weight loss exercise can be easy… and fun. You can even do the exercises in front of the TV to keep you entertained.
Today we have 4 of the best and easiest exercises to do in front of the TV so you can still get your workout in for the day while you watch your favourite TV show.

Squat Pumps

Squat-PumpsStarting Position
Stand in a neutral position, hips shoulder width apart. Arms are by your side and toes are pointing forward.
Slowly extend your arms out in front of you, exhale and push your hips backward (imagine you are sitting down on a chair) into a squat position. Keep your back flat, head up and knees in line with toes. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold the squat position for 1-2 seconds, then tighten your glutes and slightly straighten your legs to create a pumping motion. Breathe continuously through the movement. Exhale as you engage your core and push off your heels to standing.
Strengthens legs, glutes and core.

Pilates Waist Twist

Waist-Twist (1)Starting Position
Sit up straight on your sit bones, supported by your forearms. Keep your spine extended, lift your chest and engage your powerhouse as you exhale. Inhale and lift both legs off the floor. Swing your legs to one side, touch your toes as you exhale. Inhale back to centre. Alternate sides.
Exhale and swing your lower legs to one side, touch the mat with your toes, then inhale come back to centre. Exhale and drop your toes to the other side.
Core, arms and leg strengthening.

Bent Knee Push Ups

Bent_Knee_push_upStarting Position
Start by lying flat on the floor on your stomach. Lift both feet off the floor and bring your heels toward you to form a 90 degree angle at the knee. Bend your elbows and place your hands down onto the floor at shoulder height beside you.
Exhale and push your upper body away from the floor by extending arms straight, keeping a slight bend in the elbows at the top. Tighten your core area and keep your neck, back and hips in alignment. Inhale, bend your elbows slowly and lower your body toward the floor. Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible. Hold for one breath with your chest approximately 3 inches off the floor. Repeat.
Increased chest, tricep and core strength

Pilates Heel Lift

Pilates_Heel_LiftStarting Position
Stand in an upright position with legs wide and feet turned outwards. Inhale, bend your knees and sit down into a sumo squat position. Bend your upper body slightly forward, keeping your spine straight.
Exhale as you move your body to one side and lift the heel off the floor. Inhale back to center, exhale and move to the opposite side.
Hips, glutes and leg strengthening
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