Christmas is fast approaching and it is often the one time of the year that we all stray from our healthy eating plans (and often regret it!)
Today we have sneak peek at 3 of the Healthy, Quick and YUMMY menus and meals for you from the new Christmas & New Year Cookbook which you can buy here for $19.95 

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Traditional Christmas

When we think of a traditional Christmas we often think of high fat meals.
Lose Baby Weight have you covered with the traditional favourites being “made over” and super healthy but still packed full of flavour
Entrée- Pumpkin & Fetta Bruschetta
Salads- Rainbow Coleslaw with Mustard Dressing, Cranberry Waldorf Salad
Main- Honey Mustard Turkey Breast
Dessert- Coconut Berry Trifle

Seafood Christmas

One of the best things about an Australian Christmas is the amount of fresh seafood that is available
We have you covered again with a great selection of healthy delicious seafood recipes
Entrée- Salmon & Cream Cheese Scrolls
Salad- Prawn & Capsicum Salad
Main- Chilli Lime Prawn Skewers, Spiced Salmon Kebabs
Drinks- Alcohol-Free Fruit Punch

Kids Christmas

There is nothing better than getting the kids involved in helping to prepare your Christmas meal.
This menu is not only fun to make but the kids will have a great time eating it too and your mind will be put at ease knowing that its all healthy
Entrée- Christmas Tree Pizza
Salad- Watermelon &  Feta Salad
Main- Turkey Ham & Zucchini Loaf
Dessert- No-Added-Sugar Gingerbread Folk, Christmas Chocolate Apples

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