lose baby weightMarissa Nieves, Fitness Expert for the September 28 Day Challenge provides information on 3 common metabolism myths to give you the advantage on boosting your metabolism successfully:
Reduce metabolic fear, take control of your body’s metabolism and leave old myths behind.
Here are 3 common metabolic myths, busted!

1) Thin People Have A Faster Metabolism

Although it is often thought, naturally thin people don’t commonly have a higher resting metabolic rate. In fact, it is often quite the opposite. If somebody shows less overall mass in general and thus especially relates to muscle mass, they are more likely to have a lower metabolism as there is less body tissue present for metabolic processes.

best ways to lose weight2) Metabolism Reduces Considerably With Age

Interestingly, metabolism does not always slow considerably with age. Science shows us the body’s resting metabolism only reduces approximately 2% every 10 years in physically active adults. This is something to consider as one important metabolic factor that does seem to decrease with age is physical activity, which in turn can create a considerable reduction in metabolism in a person of any age.

3) Calories Consumed Before Bed Convert Into Fat

We all know reducing overall caloric intake each day can aid weight loss and healthy metabolic function but the time at which these foods are consumed are becoming less and less important. Scientific studies show it may not so much be related to the time at which the calories are consumed or at what point you retire the body to bed. The outcome of fat loss and metabolism is becoming more about overall daily intake and energy expenditure than it is about time of consumption and length of rest.
Remember you can support your body each day by taking positive action toward your own health and in turn naturally increase your body’s metabolism.
Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert
best ways to lose weight