28 Day PlanLose Baby Weight has helped mums lose over 1 Million kgs of their baby weight and to give mums even more help we have launched the 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan.
The weight loss plan is designed to help you lose your weight, lose stomach fat, boost your milk supply and get fit.

What is included in the 28 Day Plan?
  • Your weekly shopping list
  • A daily food plan for 28 days
  • Easy recipes to make – which are also family friendly
  • A daily exercise plan for 28 days
  • Motivation tips
  • Weight Loss maintenance advice
  • Snacks to choose from
  • A low cost of $28 for the ebook of $45.95 as a 200 page hard copy
  • Plus everything has been created by expert dieticians and post pregnancy exercise experts



What are the Experts saying about the 28 Day Plan

PinkyPinky McKay -International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Pinky is the best selling baby care author (Parenting By Heart, Sleeping Like a Baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying and Toddler Tactics) www.pinkymckay.com.au
“I LOVE the Lose Baby Weight 28 day plan! It’s simple, sensible and breastfeeding friendly with great information, balanced nutrition plans and is supportive of the realities of being a new mother. the work is all done for you – with shopping lists, daily plans , easy exercises that will fit around caring for your baby – and the recipes are so inviting and delicious! Best of all there is no pressure to push yourself beyond your individual limits: instead, the emphasis is on a healthy recovery after the amazing job your body has done growing and birthing your baby.”

KateKate Hale – Registered Midwife & Nurse

“The 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan is a fantastic and simple to follow guide. It shows mums in a easy way, how to both lose baby weight & tone up. The meal plans are well balanced, nutritious and would work well for any breastfeeding Mum. The exercise plan is also a practical guide and easy to fit into a busy family life. I highly recommend this book”

Jody Allen from the Stay At Home Mums website

“Great job LoseBabyWeight.com.au!!! Not only is your book user friendly and has all the frequently asked questions Mums have, but I adore the added extra’s like the snack list! Your recipes are beautiful and simple for busy Mums to make. A lot of thought and passion has gone into this book and I would recommend it to all Mums that want to start doing something about their weight that is safe, effective and supportive. Your exercise plans are easy to follow and the books illustrations make it easy for inexperienced Mums to follow. The meal plans look scrumptious! Well done’.

SalleeSallee Dwyer – Registered Nurse & Midwife

As a new mum, I had so much happening in my life the last thing I wanted was another diet. I was feeling tired, a combination of the effects of a newborn and some of it was the extra weight I needed to shed.
Many of the mums that I work with are looking for a lifestyle change and a healthy eating program that is simple – not where they will be left hungry or take ages to prepare. The 28-day plan is a great way to kick-start and the recipes are healthy, colourful and easy to prepare – I highly recommend it

Practical Parenting Magazine

“If you want to get back into shape safely, check out The Breast feeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan from Practical Parenting’s own Health & Fitness Guru, Rhian Allen. With meal plans, exercises and recipes, it’s perfect for weight loss post bub”

Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

“The Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has been created for busy mums who want to get into shape post baby. The detailed daily diet plan provides structure and an easy to follow routine, including exercises that can be done at home. We love it”

Offspring Magazine

“The plan is very attractive & professional (fresh/clean layout), and there’s a lot in it. The meal plans are delicious! Healthy, tasty & not too difficult to prepare. The exercise plan is also good – takes away the pressure of being too overwhelmed by the thought of having to do some serious exercise. We like that you’ve broken it down into simple steps that aren’t too daunting”

My Child Magazine

“The 28 Day Plan is a tailored eating and fitness plan that comes with no cutting out food groups, no calorie counting, no gym sessions and no weight loss accelerants. It is a program of healthy eating and gentle exercise which also features nutritionally complete smoothies that mums can use for quick meals.
Plus, one of Lose Baby Weight’s strongest features is the new Members’ Area. It is a free service for mums with to track their weight loss and exercise progress.”

ChantelChantel Ferguson – Radio Presenter & mum

‘Your book is the most fabulous book on earth! I feel empowered to eat well, shop well and I will have my bible of inspirational on my side.
You have made it so easy to follow, I love that you start with the ” Shopping list” Its sensational and to be honest it’s where I struggle to get started { knowing exactly what to buy}
I’m just not one of those women who ” bounce back ” now Ive got a little secret up my sleeve and It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders and my butt :}

The weekly meal plans are so easy to follow and really.. who has time to think about what they will eat?
Now we don’t, It really is one less thing to worry about and it gives me peace of mind to know without any effort I am on the right track to getting into shape.
I wish I had this in my last pregnancy!”

Nicole Daniels, NSW

I love the look of the new 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan.

28 Day Plan

It is the same great book with all the info and the plan but the set out is amazing and the pictures of the meals and smoothies are gorgeous. I use it everyday and looks great sitting in my kitchen. It is a must have for any busy mum looking to lose weight.


Kimberley Charles, Vic

WOW – I am so impressed at how wonderful the new and improved 28 day diet and exercise plan looks!

28 day

I had previously been using the online version which was great but it’s so convenient to have the new book available to hand! I love how easy the recipes are to cook and how yummy they taste. Thank you to lose baby weight for a great plan!


Michaela Roberts, WA

Absolutely love this book! It is so well set out and beautiful to look at. I find it so easy to follow and it has transformed the way I have viewed my diet and lifestyle and I have never felt better.

28 Day Plan

I have two children under 4 and am always sleep deprived but the 28 Day Plan has made eating healthily so much easier to do and I have lost over 4kg in 4 weeks. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive and sensible plan.”

Chaye Challacombe, QLD I love the new 28 day diet and exercise plan printed book. Everything about it is amazing! It’s not just a book packed with useful information, it is also just pretty to look at. The design is so great, everything is laid out perfectly and the photos of the recipes are great. I find the photos really helpful when I am cooking a recipe for the first time, I am always nervous as to whether I have done it properly and if it looks the way it should. 28 Day The plan is excellent, you can never get bored with so many amazing recipes. There is even smoothie recipes in there too, so yum! The exercise plan is also great, has step by step instructions and photos which are great if you are beginning and a bit unsure of how to do it. I recommend this book to everyone, it is a staple in my kitchen!

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