One of the best ways to lose weight is having motivation from a partner and working together to reach both of your weight loss goals. So grab your friend and get going with this routine – only 20 minutes and you’ll work your whole body!

best ways to lose weight

5 Minute Warmup

Spend the first 5 minutes of your workout warming up. Try a light jog for 2-3 minutes followed by 2-3 minutes of dynamic stretches – slow controlled movements which take your joints through their full range of motion (not bouncing) e.g. full arm circles, shoulder rolls, leg swings, leg circles.

10 Minutes Of Full Activity

Once you’re warmed up, work with your partner through the body of the workout. Each of the exercises in this workout is designed to have you and your partner working at the same time to maximise your training time and effort.

Exercise 1: Plank with Lateral Jumps 

best ways to lose weight

  • One partner will plank, ensuring their back is nice and flat and their abs are engaged (the other partner should be able to give them a gentle push and they shouldn’t move, their body should feel ridged).
  • The other partner will complete 10 lateral jumps (sideways), back and forth over their partners feet. As soon as the jumps are complete, the partners swap over.
  • Repeat 3 times, so that each partner completes 30 jumps and 3 planks.

Exercise 2: Squats and a High Leg Sweep 

best ways to lose weight

  • Both partners start standing next to each other. One partner will squat, making sure their weight stays in their heels and their knees stay behind their toes.
  • The other partner, remains standing and as their partner reaches the bottom of their squat, they perform a high leg sweep (circle the leg forward and up high through its natural range of motion) over the top of their squatting partner (if you cannot lift your leg high enough to go over your partner, just perform a front kick, pushing through your heel as high as you can).
  • Alternate legs after each leg sweep. Complete 10 squats each, then change positions to complete another 10 squats each.

Exercise 3: Assisted Push Ups and Sit Ups

lose baby weight

  • One partner is going to complete a full range sit up (knees are bent, with feet placed on the ground about hip width apart; rolling all the way to the ground and all the way up to sitting).
  • The other person, is going to use their partner’s bent knees to complete assisted push ups. Be sure your elbows are pointing out wide as you descend on your push up, taking your chest as close to your partner’s knees as possible. Be sure your back is nice and flat, and as always your abs are working.
  • Each partner completes 10 push ups while the other partner completes sit ups, before swapping over.
  • After both partners have completed one set (10 push ups each), sprint to a marker about 20 metres away (extend the distance if you are feeling more advanced), then return and complete another set. Complete 3 sets, so that each partner completes 30 push ups.

Exercise 1: Wheelbarrow with Walking Lunges  Wheelbarrow lunges

  • One partner will assist the other do a wheelbarrow (walk on hands while their partner holds their feet), moving nice and slowly, performing a lunge with each step (walking lunges). Complete 20 walking lunges while wheelbarrowing your partner. At the end of the 20 lunges, both partners are to sprint back to the starting position and swap over.
  • Once both partners have completed 20 walking lunges, decrease the distance to 15 lunges and repeat. Once 15 lunges have been completed, decrease to 10 and then to 5, remembering to sprint back to the start each time!

5 Minute Cool Down

Once you have completed the body of the workout, be sure to cool down with a light run (2 – 3 minutes) and gentle static stretching, starting with your ankles and working all the way up to your neck.

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