Many mums are a little worried at first when they have a boy. After all, you don’t really know how boys work!
Well, it doesn’t take long before you figure it out, and before you know it you’re navigating boy-town like a pro.

Here are 15 home truths that you will totally get if you have a little boy.

  1. You know all of the names of the Transformers (and you quite like that he decided that you get to be Sideswipe)
  2. You know where all of the fenced playgrounds are in your area and you’re still worried that he could scale the fence if he really wanted to
  3. You’re quite the pro at applying band-aids, bandages and ice-packs
  4. You can talk at length about the characters on Fireman Sam, and you even have made-up back stories about who Norman Price’s dad might be
  5. You hear words like bum and fart all day long
  6. Your handbag contains some or all of the following: a stick, an action figure, a rock, a half-eaten sandwich, and a single piece of LEGO.
  7. Your sofa is regularly transformed into a fire engine, boat, or secret hideout
  8. You know that anything can be made into a gun, including a stick, some Duplo, or even a carefully bitten slice of toast.
  9. Your car boot is full of bikes, balls, sticks, helmets, scooters and cricket bats.
  10. You have seen your kid pee in more places than you care to admit
  11. You have enjoyed watching films like the Karate Kid again
  12. You take a spare outfit to any place with water as you just KNOW he will get in
  13. You think you should buy shares in a stain removal spray company because you go through so much of the stuff
  14. You never seem to have enough milk or bread in the house, no matter how much you buy
  15. You peek in at night time to watch him sleep because it’s the only time he sits still

Boys are AWESOME!

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