We all know how just important metabolism is when it comes to weight loss so we have 12 super easy things you can do in your day to day life to your give metabolism a good kick up the butt!   And the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is the Metabolism Challenge and starts next week will all recipes designed to KICK START your metabolism and boost your energy – you can join here
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12 Ways to kick start your metabolims

1.  Get your Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s balance blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation, which in turn helps to regulate metabolism.  The best ways to increase your omega 3’s to include more the following in your daily diet.
– Oily Fish (like salmon)
– Fish oil capsules (like cod live oil)
– Flax seeds
– Eggs
– Walnuts
– Olives
– Zucchini

2.  Turn Green (well the tea version anyway)

Research shows that the active ingredient Catechin, which is found in green tea, ramps up the body’s metabolism.

3.  Never Skip Breakfast  

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Eating a healthy breakfast as soon as you get up in the morning literally kick starts your metabolism for the day ahead.  Think of it like re-fueling a car.  Our Healthy Mummy Smoothies are perfect for this.

4.  Cut Down On Trans Fats

These ‘bad’ fats stick to your good fat and liver cells which literally cripple your metabolism.  They also lead to insulin resistance and inflammation which is another metabolism killer.

5.  Eat More Protein

The body digests protein much slower than carbs and fats, which makes you feel fuller for longer.  This means the body uses up more energy breaking the protein down and extracting the nutrients, giving your metabolism a boost.

6.  Trick Your Body

By increasing the intensity of your workouts or just by increasing your movement or steps, you can actually trick your body into boosting your metabolism and burning calories.

7.  Get Some Muscle

Not only is muscle heavier than fat,  but it also uses up more energy.  Increasing your strength and residence training means you are re-setting your base metabolism to a higher rate. This means that your body will burn more calories, even on the days you are not exercising.  12 ways to boost your metabolism

8.  DON’T Reduce Your Calories

If you cut down too much on your daily calorie intake you body will think it’s time to hang on to it’s energy stores.  This puts the breaks on fat burning because your body thinks it need to conserve energy.  Eat enough calories to match your resting metabolic rate (that’s the amount of energy you would burn a day if you did no exercise at all).

9.  Eat Little And Often

Eating small portions of healthy food throughout the day keeps your metabolism going buy keeping your blood sugar levels stable. It also prevents large spikes in insulin which can result in a slower metabolism.

10.  Where Possible Go Organic  12 ways to boost metabolism - go organic

Fruits and vegetables that are organic keep your metabolism going at full speed. Pesticides and toxins interfere with your body’s thyroid function which slow down fat burning.

11.  The Gift Of Post Exercise

One of the greatest things about exercise is the post exercise after burn.   It takes hours for your body to return to it’s resting metabolic rate after a high energy workout, and during this time your body is still burning fat.  So essentially you’re burning calories while resting!

12.  Spice up Your Life

Research suggests that adding cayenne pepper to your diet can decrease appetite, leading to a lower calorie intake. Cayenne is also a great metabolic-booster, helping the body to burn excess fat.
13) Join the Metabolism Boosting Challenge
The September 28 Day Challenge is the METABOLISM BOOSTING theme. All recipes have been designed with ingredients to BOOST your metabolism so this is the perfect Challenge to kick start your weight loss, energy and weight loss – take part now
So you see, it’s actually pretty easy to get your metabolism going.  You CAN DO IT!
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