healthy_eatingIn our Healthy Mummy Shop we have some terrific products to help you lose pregnancy weight, including our best-selling 28 Day Plan, our Summer Cookbook, our Guilt Free Chocolate Treats and Baking Cookbook, and our Exercise DVD.
But of all of our products, the most popular is our Healthy Mummy Smoothies (you can read all about what makes them different here).
Today we have 10 great ways that you can save time preparing your smoothies, meaning a less stressful morning for you.
Our smoothies are a great healthy eating breakfast or lunch option for busy mums who need to have energy to run around after little people.
And if we can save you a few minutes preparing them each time, then we think that is a very good thing.

Keep banana chunks in the freezer

Bananas have a short shelf life in the fruit bowl so as soon as they get nice and ripe, peel them and chop them into small chunks. Place on a plastic board and pop in the freezer. Once frozen, place into zip lock bags to store in the freezer for easy access.
Using frozen banana in your smoothies adds a bonus layer of thickness which doesn’t happen with fresh ones. It also means your smoothie is nice and cool.

Always have frozen berries on hand

It’s such a drag when you find that the berries you have bought have gone mouldy. A cheaper and more efficient option is to just keep frozen berries at home always.
This way you can just grab a handful when the mood strikes, rather than having to eat blueberries for a few days straight.

Buy any canned fruit in ring-pull tins

Mornings are hard enough without having to have a fight with your old tin opener. If you are going to use canned fruit (a great idea so that you can enjoy things like peaches and apricots out of season) then make sure you grab a tin with the ring pull top.

Pre-mix your mix-ins

If you love throwing a handful of oats, chia seeds and LSA into your smoothies, you could end up spending valuable time every morning opening and closing fiddly packets.
Instead, find a jar that you can fill with your desired mix-ins in their correct ratios, and pop a spoon or scoop in there to save on washing up too.

Use what you have on hand

Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly what you need for a specific recipe. Our smoothies are designed to be adaptable and delicious.
So toss in a handful of spinach, a handful of cashews, or a squeeze of fresh lime to any recipe and you will most likely find that it will taste terrific.

Keep your blender clean and in easy reach

Seeing yesterday’s dirty blender on the bench is a big turn off to your morning smoothie. Always give your blender a quick rinse as soon as you finish using it; or even squirt in some dishwashing liquid with a cup of water and pop it back on to blend itself clean. Then you can give it a quick going over with the brush and leave it to dry on the draining board.
And don’t make it hard for yourself by keeping your blender in the back of a cupboard – keep it within easy reach so that you can (almost) make a smoothie with your eyes closed.

Don’t bother peeling everything

Fruits such as peaches, pears and even apples can be tossed into a high powered blender skin and all, which can save valuable time in your smoothie preparations.

Freeze yoghurt in ice cube trays

If you love dolloping in some Greek or natural yoghurt, save yourself time on the dolloping (and spoon cleaning) by freezing yoghurt in an ice cube tray.
You can then pop the cubes into a zip lock bag, and grab one or two to throw into your blender as needed. It’s also a great way to ensure you don’t end up throwing out yoghurt that is past its use-by date.

Freeze herbs and veggies too

If you love tossing in fresh mint or baby spinach, you can also freeze these in ice cube trays. Simply chop finely and add a bit of water to help it freeze into cubes.
This way you can use them when you want them rather than having to power through them before they go bad.

No fruit? No problem

If you haven’t got any fruit on hand, or the time to prepare it, why not go fruit free? Our smoothie powders are super tasty and nutritious with nothing more than milk (everything else you throw in is just bonus nutrition).
So don’t stress if you need to go back to basics with something like 200ml skim milk + 2 scoops of strawberry Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix + 5 ice cubes.
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