healthy_eatingWe all know that too much sugar is the enemy when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating. Unfortunately, the sweet stuff can be a bit sneaky.
Not only is it found in the obvious places (soft drinks, biscuits, sweets), it’s also made it’s way into a whole bunch of foods that we’d least expect to find it in, making it difficult to keep track of just how much you’re eating.
The dietary guidelines for Australian adults, produced by the government recommend that we consume only moderate amounts of processed sugars and food and drink containing added sugar. With a recent report finding that the average Australian adult consumes 29 teaspoons of processed sugar a day (which equates to a whopping 53kg per year), it would appear that processed sugar plays a significant role in our diet.
And while the obvious culprits like cakes, biscuits, soft drinks and other sweets are partly responsible for the amount we consume, it’s the processed sugar found in other foods, many of which are considered nutritious, that is pushing our daily intake skywards.
While we expect to find sugar in the above mentioned foods, we rarely think about the processed sugar that may be present in something like fruit flavoured yoghurt or muesli bars.
Knowing which foods contain a lot of sugar, and which contain a little, can help you make wise food choices and perhaps cut down on the level of the sweet stuff in your diet.

Surprisingly Sugary Foods
  • Tomato sauce – 5g of sugar per tablespoon
  • Muesli Bars – 13g of sugar per bar
  • Tomato based pasta sauce – 14g per half a cup
  • Small bran muffin – 20g per muffin
  • Flavoured yoghurt – 27g sugar per 170g tub
  • BBQ sauce – 15g per 2 tablespoons
  • Vitamin Water – 32g per 500 ml bottle

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