healthy_eatingHealthy snacking is a essential part of our weight loss plans, as eating frequently ensures that your blood sugar remains stable, and you don’t end up binge-eating due to starvation.
One of the first steps to lasting pregnancy weight loss is to throw out and avoid all high-calorie, prepackaged snacks that offer little nutritional value.
Snacks like packaged crisps, hot chips, packaged cakes and muffins, lollies, and ‘energy’ drinks are typically packed with excessive amounts of sugar and/or salt, preservatives, oil and fat.
Choosing healthy, low calorie snacks that provide nutritional benefits like fibre, vitamins, minerals and lasting energy is the best way to ensure that your snacking habits won’t derail your weight loss efforts.
Here are 10 easy snack ideas that are healthy, delicious and provide nutritional benefits:

1 x soft boiled egg with 6 x spears of boiled asparagus

Eggs are low in calories and filled with protein, making them a nutritious, filling snack to turn to when you’re feeling hungry between meals.
Calories: 110

1 x medium tomato (sliced), with 50 grams of sliced Bocconcini, fresh basil leaves and a squeeze of lemon 

The combination of fresh tomato, bocconcini cheese, basil and lemon is a match made in snack heaven. Containing calcium, vitamin C, fibre and lycopene, this simple snack is a nutritional powerhouse.
Calories: 130

150 grams reduced-fat Greek Yoghurt with 5 fresh strawberries

Reduced fat Greek Yoghurt is a great weight loss favourite because it can be paired with many different types of fruits. High in calcium, yet low in calories, natural, Greek yoghurt also contains probiotics (friendly bacteria essential for optimal gut health)
Calories:  175

50 grams of lite hummus and 1 x carrot, chopped into strips

Containing high amounts of fibre, vitamin A and vitamin C, carrots are naturally low in calories and come at a low cost, making them a great budget food item.
Calories: 137

Half a cup of reduced-fat cottage cheese, with a teaspoon of honey and 8 raw almonds

With calcium present in both cottage cheese and almond, this snack is good for keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong.
Calories: 198

2 x rice cakes, topped with reduced-fat ricotta and 1 x sliced cucumber

Reduced-fat ricotta is a great cheese to opt for when losing weight because it contains less calories than other cheeses such as brief, camembert or blue vein.
Calories: 108

1 x slice of Burgen Rye bread with a quarter of an avocado, a squeeze of lemon and some cracked pepper 

Rye bread is a much better option than white bread because it is typically higher in fibre and had a lower GI, providing lasting energy.
Calories: 183

Half an apple with 4 x brazil nuts

Many people don’t realise that brazil nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, iron, calcium and fibre. You only need to eat a few to get the benefits, so pair a few brazil nuts with an apple for a super-healthy snack.
Calories: 172

2 x slices of lite jarlsberg cheese with 8 walnuts 

Delivering a hit of calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, jarlsberg cheese and walnuts go together really well.
Calories: 199

40 grams oats (made with almond milk) topped with 10 blueberries

Oats aren’t just a breakfast food item! Oats make a filling, delicious snack (particularly on cold days) and provide good amounts of fibre and beta glucan, known for its cholesterol lowering properties.
Calories: 189
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