healthy_foodWe all know how important protein is for weight loss. Recent research has found that a protein rich diet can reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff that we don’t want) and actually help to prevent osteoporosis and diabetes, along with reducing rates of obesity.

How does it do this? By making your body work harder during the digestion process which in turn, speeds up your metabolism meaning your burn more calories. Protein also keeps us feeling fuller for longer as it takes its time leaving your stomach. If you’re feeling full and satisfied, you’re far less likely to help yourself to seconds or go searching for a snack, shortly after eating.
The problem is, we often don’t eat enough of the good stuff to completely reap the benefits. Studies have shown that women in particular, when trying to lose weight, will shy away from protein rich foods like meat and eggs due to their increased calorie content. We also get confused about which types of protein we should be eating to keep our energy levels stable and help build lean muscle.
Not all protein is created equal. Some foods that we might think contain a whole load, don’t actually contain all that much, and some foods that we dismiss as not having enough, end up being the ones we should be eating.
Check out our top 10 picks and try to include them regularly in your meals.

  1. Skinless chicken breast – 26g protein per 85g fillet
  2. Cottage cheese – 24g protein per 170g
  3. Salmon fillet – 21.6g protein  per 85g fillet
  4. Canned tuna – 20g protein per 85g serving
  5. Greek yoghurt – 18g protein per 170g serving
  6. Skim milk – 8.2g protein per cup
  7. Smooth peanut butter – 8g protein per 2 tablespoons
  8. Tofu – 7.7g protein per 85g
  9. Eggs – 6.3g protein per egg
  10. Almonds – 6g protein per 28g

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