As a parent it’s only natural that we want the very best for our kids. It’s heart breaking to see them sick, so why not try some of our ideas below to give their little bodies a healthy boost.

healthy_eatingPack in the fruits and vegetables

These foods keep your child’s body fit and strong. They are easier to digest than processed foods, and offer essential vitamins and minerals.
If your child is deficient nutritionally it can make them more susceptible to illness. Some specific immunity boosting foods include garlic, parsley, berries, natural yoghurt, broccoli and tomatoes.
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Watch out for food intolerances

These can weaken their system, so it’s important to be aware of any symptoms that arise after eating foods such as dairy, wheat, sugar etc. If in doubt you can have your child checked for allergies.

Reduce their sugar intake

Excessive sugar can suppress the immune system. Watch out as it is hidden in many everyday foods such as muesli, jam, fruit yoghurts, peanut butter and sauces.
Instead of offering foods that are nutritionally empty (such as a chocolate biscuit) offer them a healthy snack such as fruit or yoghurt. You can also see our guide to reducing sugar here
Need a treat or something sweet for a special occasion? Why not check out some kid friendly options in our Guilt Free Chocolate Treats and Baking Cookbook.

lose baby weight

Get moving 

Movement helps to increase your child’s white blood cells ability to fight infection. So throw a ball, go for a walk, fly a kite – anything that gets them (and you!) moving. Kids can even have fun joining in with our Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.

Keep them well hydrated

Water helps to deliver nutrients to your child’s cells and flush out any toxins.
Water and milk are the best drinks for kids. While they may love juice it is not something that they need (whole fruit is better); but if given stick to around 100ml and water it down a little to reduce the sugar intake.

Reduce stress

If children are exposed to stress or negative environments it can actually deplete their immune system and lower their resistance to diseases.
Ensure your child is protected as much as possible from unnecessary stress (such as family disputes or discussion of adult topics that could worry them). Lots of hugs, kisses, love and laughter can do wonders for your child’s health.

Let them get dirty

Children can benefit from playing outdoors and getting a dose of dirt now and then. It makes their immune system stronger – and of course it’s lots of fun.
They can also benefit purely from being outside in nature, trying activities like hiking, climbing trees, rolling down grassy hills, or swimming in the sea.

Fight the spread of germs

Always encourage your children to wash their hands before and after eating and after playing.
You can’t wrap them in cotton wool, but if they are ill, replace their toothbrush, change their sheets, and avoid sharing towels between other family members.

Encourage sleep and down time

Little people need their rest and relaxation time too. If they are no longer napping it could be a matter of some quiet time after lunch such as colouring in or puzzles.
For all kids a solid bedtime routine can be helpful so that they know when they are expected to be in bed each night.
When we rest we release chemicals that help to boost immune function, so it’s important for kids to get a good night’s sleep if possible (sometimes easier said than done!).

Keep your home smoke free

Second hand smoke can affect your child’s respiratory passages which leaves them open to infection. If you haven’t got around to quitting yet – try using your children’s health as your motivator.

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