Weight loss can be a tricky business!  One of the simplest ways to kick-start your way to a slimmer new you is to include plenty of metabolism-boosting foods in your diet which will give your weight loss plan a natural boost.
Your body’s ability to burn off calories and to convert those calories to energy is called its metabolism and the higher your metabolism is, the quicker your body converts the calories you consume to energy, meaning that you lose weight more quickly.
So as well as including our Healthy Mummy Smoothies into your diet plan try also incorporating these top ten metabolism boosting foods and a few simple ways to prepare them.  10 foods to boost your metabolism

10  Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

1.  Berries

Berries are also commonly referred to as a negative-calorie food, in that they are full of fibre and the calories that they do contain take more energy to burn off. Their natural sugar content means they’ll satiate the sweetest sugar tooth, too. Whiz them up in a smoothie for a metabolism-boosting breakfast.  metabolism boosting food - berries

2.  Chilli

Anything hot and spicy, such as chilli, chilli powder, cayenne pepper etc. will boost your metabolism – sometimes making it climb more than 20%! Get the benefits of chilli by adding a pinch of it to your savoury meals.

3.  Celery

Celery is also a well-known negative calorie food. It takes more energy to digest celery due to its fibre content than a stick of celery actually contains, so it’s well worth adding a chopped celery stick to your lunchbox for a bit of metabolism-boosting crunch.

4.  Cold Water

Cold water itself is enough to boost your metabolism. Water is a vital part of every diet because it enables all of your organs and other mechanisms within your body to work properly. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is thought to be enough to burn off an extra 20 calories a day – but make that water cold, and your body has to increase your body temperature to counteract the cold. This increase in body temperature increases your metabolism.    metabolism boosting food - water

5.  Grapefruit

Although grapefruit may sound a bit boring, it’s a great metabolism booster due to its levels of vitamin C and fibre. It also lowers your insulin levels – and insulin helps your body to store fat, so eating grapefruit regularly could really boost your weight loss.

6.  Lentils

Lentils are super-high in fibre and protein, making them an excellent food for keeping you fuller for longer, ensuring that you won’t snack later on in the day. They’re also low on the glycaemic index, meaning that they won’t play haywire with your blood pressure when eaten. Simmer them in soups or form into patties to serve as a side dish to all sorts of dishes.

7.  Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt in itself is a brilliant metabolism booster, but Greek yoghurt is even healthier than normal yoghurt in that it has twice as much protein, thus keeping you fuller for longer. It’s also super creamy. Choose a 0% fat variety for the best weight loss results.

8.  Oatmeal

Oatmeal is both filling and healthy and is a great breakfast food. But what makes oatmeal a metabolism booster is that it is full of fat-soluble fibre and plenty of it, meaning that your body takes a long time to digest it – it also lowers insulin levels.

9.  Apples

Apples are well-known for being a healthy food, but they are also super low on the glycaemic index meaning that they’ll keep you fuller for longer. Eating one a day will also help you to eat less at each meal, causing your metabolism to increase.

10.  Cinnamon

Cinnamon works in much the same way as chilli when boosting the metabolism. Its warmth causes an increase in body temperature, causing your metabolism to be boosted. So go ahead and sprinkle some over fruit or into your favourite sweet recipes for extra flavour and warmth.
Love The Healthy Mummy Team xxx

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