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Motivating mum Lauren Da Silva

August 6, 2016      

Motivating Mum Lauren Lost 15kg In Six Months!

Hi ladies, I’m Lauren and I’m one of your Motivating Mums for the month of August. I’m a single mum to two children, Zya 5 and Lennox 3. 

Lose Baby Weight-17kg Loss

April 13, 2016      

Motivating mum Carly Has Lost 17kgs With Lose Baby Weight & Shares An Update

Hi my name is Carly Williamson, I’m 35 years old and I am a mum to two beautiful boys, 5.5 years and 3.5 years. I started with Lose Baby Weight in May 2014 and I have lost 17kg using the …


March 18, 2016      

7 Foods To Boost A Tired Mum’s Brain

Parents in general often miss out on a lot of sleep, especially in those early years of your child’s life. Juggling work, the running of the house, looking after the family and trying to follow a healthy eating diet plan …


February 27, 2016      

Exercising With Injuries

Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has shared some info and her top tips about exercising when you have injuries – should you still do it? What should you do instead? We often opt for …


February 10, 2016      

The Worst Takeaway Foods For Weight Loss & Nutrition

On average, Australians eat takeaway or restaurant food four times a week! With many fast food outlets advertising healthy alternatives on their menu, how do we know what is healthy or unhealthy? When following a healthy eating diet plan and …

Lose Baby Weight-22kg Loss

February 9, 2016      

Bronte Has Lost 24kgs* & Shares That You Can Use Lose Baby Weight For More Than Weightloss

Hi mums! My name is Bronte and I have lost 24kgs* with Lose Baby Weight! This weight loss journey isn’t always easy. Just like life it has its ups and downs.

Lose Baby Weight Results

December 29, 2015      

Tawhai Has Lost 48kgs* & Shares Why She Will Always Use The 28 Day Challenge

Hi Mums, my name is Tawhai and I have lost 48kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.

Lose Baby Weight-35kg Loss

December 16, 2015      

Jodie Has Lost 35kgs* With Lose Baby Weight & Shares Her Maintenance Advice

Hi Mums, I have lost 35kgs* in ten months by following the fabulous Lose Baby Weight plans and I’ve just passed one year of maintaining my weight. I have found that being in maintenance phase is so much trickier than losing weight.

Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss

December 2, 2015      

Libby Has Lost 16kgs* & Shares Her TOP TIPS On Staying On Track Over The Christmas Period

I’m Libby and I’ve been maintaining my goal weight of 60-61kg for a few months now. I’ve lost 16.5kgs* with thanks to The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight since September last year, and am loving the new me! I …

Lose Baby Weight-46kg Loss

November 29, 2015      

Tawhai Has Lost 46kgs* & Shares The Answers To The Top 3 Questions She Is Asked Regularly

Hi everyone, I am Tawhai I am 31 years old and have a 3.5 year old. I have been following Lose Baby Weight, the 28 Day Challenges and using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies since August 2014. From August 2014 to July …

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