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children's oral hygiene

July 4, 2015      

Brushing in the early years – when to introduce power brushing

When it comes to our little one’s smile, we want to ensure that we are doing the best to help it shine. One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay in children is to get them excited about daily …


July 4, 2015      

Andrea Lost 25kg In 9 Months

‘Since starting Lose Baby Weight in September 2014 I have lost over 25kg. Lose Baby Weight has given me the tools to make better decisions when selecting food that I will be eating myself as well as my family.


July 3, 2015      

10 Tips To Stop Winter Weight Gain

‘How do you lose weight during winter?’ is a question we get asked quite often. Winter is one of the hardest times of the year to continue losing weight. But the good news is that over Winter our 28 Day Weight …


July 3, 2015      

Emma Has Lost 26kg and 210cm

Since Emma joined us on the 28 Day Challenge she has dropped an incredible 26kg. You should be so proud of yourself Emma, you are a true inspiration!

best & worst food for kids teeth

July 3, 2015      

Best and worst foods for your little one’s teeth

An essential part of improving your little one’s chompers is removing (or reducing) sugary and starchy foods from their diet. Both sugar and starch easily stick to your teeth, producing acids which can cause decay. The same foods are often …

Lose Baby Weight-20kg Loss

July 3, 2015      

Motivating Mum Barbara Has Now Lost 20kg With Lose Baby Weight

What a great month!! Down another 4 kg and now I have lost 20kg with Lose Baby Weight.

Brushing Kids Teeth

July 2, 2015      

Top tips for getting your kids to brush their teeth

Having trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth? Finding brushing time with the little ones a chore? Dentist and Oral-B spokesperson, Dr. Christopher Ho, explains the importance of good routines as early as possible, in order to set them …


July 2, 2015      

Mum Of 6 Narelle Lost 14kg

‘I have absolutely loved the support from Lose Baby Weight. I started my journey in August 2014 at 90kg to lose pregnancy weight and have absolutely loved the support from the group.

Lose Baby Weight-17.5kg Loss

July 2, 2015      

Annette Palmer Has Lost 17.5kg With Lose Baby Weight & Shares Why Weightloss Is Not Just About The Scales

Hi All! I am so proud to say that I have now lost 17.5kg with Lose Baby Weight and today I am sharing an update with you all.


July 1, 2015      

28 Day Challenge 1st Birthday – WIN $250 Cash

It’s the 28 Day Challenge 1st Birthday! To celebrate we are giving one lucky Mum the chance to WIN $250 cash Watch our 1st Birthday video below then read on to see how to win. GOOD LUCK! To win simply …

Rhian Jake

July 1, 2015      

Healthy Eating When Your Kids Are Sick

This time of year is tough Not only as adults are we contending with the cold weather, the desire to eat comfort food, the dark mornings and evenings and the coughs and colds but as mothers we have the added …

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