Hi Lose Baby Weight, here is my pregnancy weight loss story so far after following the Lose Baby Weight plans.
pregnancy_weight_lossAfter having my second daughter I had put on a lot more weight then I had the first and felt very low in confidence and was very upset because I had worked out 3-4 times a week until I was 30 weeks pregnant until I got a hernia.
I was for the first time in my life over 75kgs and I cried everyday when it was time to get dressed because it was a constant fight with clothes fitting and it didn’t help that with my 1st daughter I was back into a size 10 after less than 2 weeks.
Lose Baby Weight was so helpful and informative with all my questions and with the weight loss recipes being family friendly I started the Healthy Mummy weight loss plan.
I love experimenting with different flavours and textures with my smoothies so I do not get bored and love that they are quick and easy to make and fill me up.
I also reguarly make the choc chip protein cookies that are my post workout snack as I work out 4-5 times a week at high intensity. 
I am about to reach my first goal of 65 kgs and have 4 more to lose until I reach the weight I was when I fell pregnant. I have seen such a huge change in my body by taking photos and measurements.
Since starting the pregnancy weight loss plan I have loss a huge 11cm off my waist and just over 5kgs in only 5 weeks!! My confidence is back and I once again feel comfortable around my partner physically rather than hating everytime he tried to touch me or walk in while I was showering or getting changed.
This weight loss journey has also lead me down the path of blogging because I spoke to so many Mum’s in the very same situation and felt like it was so hard and just kept making excuses.
So I started Tantrums and Treadmills- http://tantrumsandtreadmillsaus.blogspot.com.au/ –  and each week I post about my eating, exercise, crazy family antics and if I can inspire just even one woman to reach her goals then I will feel like I have achieved exactly what I wanted from this blog.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight
Kind Regards,
Andrea Woods

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