The fantastic Bozana Smith shares her amazing 42kg weight loss update with Lose Baby Weight and is ready to lose the last 5kgs!

Hi everyone!
As I sat down to write my blog for the end of July as a Motivating Mum all I could think about was what I hadn’t done right and what I could have done to improve my month and thought to myself that this way of thinking was not positive.
ResultsSo instead I went looking for the photo that everytime I look at, I think how lucky I am to not be that person anymore! So the first photo is at my daughter’s first birthday where we had close friends and family attend as it was our beautiful girl’s first birthday.
That day I felt fat, unhealthy and ashamed of myself. And it was summer so awful and sweaty on top of all the other negatives!  I was not happy. I did not like who I was and who my daughter had as a mum.
It took me another 6 months of soul searching before I took the big step and ordered my 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and Healthy Mummy Smoothies. It was hard in the beginning as I have always used food to stuff my feelings and emotions deep down and I had to focus on me for a change. I loved how it gave me back control of my life and happiness. With every kilo I lost I gained more life and my daughter and husband got a happier wife and mother with loads more energy and enthusiasm.
So one year later I’m 42kgs lighter, much much healthier and happy in my own skin!
This month as one of the Motivating Mums has been a big challenge to try and stick to the 28 Day Weight Loss challenge food plan as there were a lot of colds and flus going through everybody in my house.
I’ve managed to maintain my weight considering it hasn’t been the best few weeks. The first two weeks I was well on track with completing all the daily exercises and following the recipes which were varied and interesting.
Along with a foot injury that put me off physically, it also put me off emotionally as I felt down on myself and wanted to take my frustrations out 28_day_challengeon food! I did my best in choosing healthy options most days.  I’m not the best when it comes to emotional eating and this has been a big learning curve for me and I will continue until I can tame that savage beast that I have had my whole life.
Even though I have lost over 40kgs it’s a lifestyle change that will keep the weight off and I am putting a plan in place in case of injuries and/or sickness thanks to a fellow Motivating Mum. It’s great when you can bounce ideas off each other and also learn a thing or two from all the mum’s following the plan. The private Lose Baby Weight support facebook page is a fantastic place to ask questions about the plans and weight loss issues. I find myself on there asking lots of questions myself!
I’m still enjoying my daily Healthy Mummy Smoothies as I feel they give me energy and keep me full.
I will keep doing my 28 Day Challenge as that is the routine that works best for me. I’m really looking forward to the next round of the 28 Day Challenge which starts on 3rd August
Spring time is almost here and one of my goals is to feel comfortable in a swimsuit and lose the last 5 kgs!
Good luck to the all the Mums on your weight loss journeys, as mine is still continuing, with the support of Lose Baby Weight I will get there!
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