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Healthy Mummy loves Met Gala

May 5, 2016      

Healthy Mummy Fashion: Get The 2016 Met Gala Celebrity Look

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Each year the event celebrates the theme of that year’s Costume Institute exhibition, and guests are to …


August 11, 2015      

Why Boosting Your Metabolism Is The Secret To Weight Loss

Nikki Boswell, Nutritionist for the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge explains why a healthy metabolism is crucial for effective, long term weight loss and calorie burning: Boosting your metabolism is key to not only losing weight but keeping it …


November 2, 2013      

The Celebrity Post Baby Weight Loss Stories

Thanks to a raft of high profile celebrities recently promoting their post baby body image the baby weight loss stories are in the media left, right and centre at the moment. This then leads to a flood of opinion pieces …


August 28, 2012       3 Comments

Tracey Anderson & Pressure To Lose Weight

So Tracey Anderson the insanely fit fitness guru (who trained Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow) has recently had a baby and this week has given an interview to DuJour magazine talking about how she lost her baby weight 6 weeks after …


July 8, 2012      

Why Gwyneth Looks Like She Does

As we all know the media just love to parade the post pregnancy pictures of the celebrity mums who have lost their baby weight and usually in around a blink of an eye. And it can become plain boring the …


July 5, 2012       8 Comments

Photo Shop on Celebrity Mums

Photo shop drives me mad.  The magazines we all buy make the models and celebrities look like they have perfect figures and although a few of them do (think Miranda Kerr) most have imperfections just like the rest of us …

Megan Fox

June 29, 2012       2 Comments

Celebrities, The Media and Pregnancy

Today Megan Fox released pictures/arranged a photo shoot to show off her gorgeous baby bump and she looks stunning (these pictures are from the Pop Sugar site). This has become news as a) it is Megan Fox b) she is …


June 26, 2012       6 Comments

The Weight Loss Pressure On Jessica Simpson

Poor Jessica Simpson. Yes she is getting paid a whopping $4m to lose her baby weight but seriously, the pressure on her is incredible. I have read many stories this week about her crying about having to lose the weight, …

Jessica Simpson

June 2, 2012      

Celebrity Baby Weight Loss Pressure

So the Jessica Simpson pregnancy weight loss campaign has already started and Weight Watchers are paying her big bucks to lose the weight and there are 101 articles out at the moment about how she will lose the weight and …

Mum and Baby

December 20, 2011      

Losing Weight After A Baby

If you believe what you read in the papers or the glossy magazines, the norm for women who have recently given birth is to spring back almost immediately to their pre-baby weight losing their pregnancy weight gain in a matter …

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